Episode 5: Not-the-FFXII Excess

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When I put the Extras on Youtube, I didn't include the 'no spoiler' version because most people liked the original version better. I wanted to release that 10 second animation in its own video, but then decided I wanted to beef it up by throwing some worthless footage in there with it.

Three days later, I end up with another Extras-like video. It's insanely shittier than the actual Extras video (if that's possible) and I'm amazed I even did it at all. All it does is reuse the sound-only extras and give them animations to go with them. It's decent at best. Due to me not really liking it, I didn't bother to add the typical DVD-like menu, so it's the cartoon and nothing more.

I do kind of like the Yiazmat battle parody, but only because it makes no sense. Everything else in this video is shit, though. Don't watch unless you're desperate for more FFXII parodizing.

Length: 2 Minutes

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