A series about two brothers; Johny, a super mellow teenager with a passion for Runescape, playing guitar, and talking on the phone; and Rob, the older brother with an endless supply of chipper verbal madness for anyone who will listen. Watch as rants ensue, patience is tested, and truths are revealed. And a whole lot of random shit.

Untitled 04(???)

Siblings Untitled 04

You should know what to expect by now.

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Untitled 02(???)

Siblings Untitled 02

Rob plays with himself in the bathroom and you get to watch

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Don't Sleep, Robby!(episode 6)

Don't Sleep, Robby!

Rob refuses to give up insomnia or the internet that fuels it. Johny will have none of this!

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Untitled 01(Audio Skit 1)

Fresh Fish of DC

Rob rambles about President Obama. Johny throws a word or two in there, but it's mostly Rob.

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Untitled 01(???)

Siblings Untitled 01


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tWHYlight(mini-episode 3)


Adrian and Rob go to watch Twilight, not realizing it's a shitty teeny bopper movie.

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Heinous Anus Zone(mini-episode 2)

Heinous Anus Zone

Rob has a great idea for a sonic level, but Johny doesn't care to listen.

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Not-the-Final Fantasy XII(episode 5 extras)

Not-the-FFXII Extras

Episode 5 had so many extras, I released the extras on their own.

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Not-The-Final Fantasy XII(episode 5)

Not-the-Final Fantasy XII

Rob plays and mocks FFXII. Johny, Dan, and baby Mason hang out, giving Rob an audience to rant to.

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Half Beard(episode 4)

Half Beard

Rob shaves half of his beard off in an effort to quicken the shaving process. Johny must try to keep Rob from embarassing him, which proves to be a difficult task. Containing insanity is never easy.

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Pop a Cap!(mini-episode 1)

Pop a Cap!

Rob mimics a show on TV which leads to the fall of Johny.

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Dog Daze of Boredom(episode 3)

Dog Daze of Boredom

It's just another day in the life of Spike, and that means barking at anything that moves, laying around, and putting up with Johny's neglect and Rob's idiocy.

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Don't wake Robby(episode 2)

Don't wake Robby

Johny, in the middle of playing a game I won't mention, is told to awaken Rob. Rob, who has been sleeping for days, refuses to wake up. Johny must go to great lengths and hairbrain plans to awaken his hybernating brother.

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Runesuck(episode 1)


After watching his favorite show, Rob is bored. Johny is playing Runescape. Rob, in an effort to occupy his mind, proceeds to watch Johny play and makes fun of everything he does on the game.

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Day of the Devil(episode 0 aka pilot)

Day of the Devil

It's the day of the devil and Rob can't shut up about it. Unfortunately, Johny can't stop playing Runescape, so he has to put up with Rob's case of motormouth. Will he ever stop rambling about it? Probably not.

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